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Xiaomi Mi Gaming Laptop 15.6″ Quad-Core i7-7700HQ GTX 1060 16GB/256 Gray
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Impressive Gaming Performance

For really truly gamers

Feel yourself free in the world of the games. Different experts from various fields were thoroughly worked on the configuration and cooling system to keyboards, screens, and sound effects. And finally after two years of hard work this gaming machine is presented to you.

Level of Gaming equipment

The systematic remodeling of gaming level performance, especially the graphics card bringing the irreplaceable sense of pleasure to the true game player.

Upgraded cooling system

Increased efficiency on 60%

Working at the good level cooling system can not only prevent the device from overheating but also provide the best performance. all the technology was developed according to the perspective of thermodynamics.

Quick cooling

Built-in 3+2 large-diameter heating pipes and their innovative layout helps to quickly transfer the heat of the core or key heating unit to the fan zone. Unique S-shaped turbine metal blades quickly release heat outside of the fuselage.

Four outlet design

The external expansion structure increases the heat dissipation area by 50%. The innovative design of the four outlets opens up more heat outlets and efficiently dissipates heat.

Stainless steel large-scale grid

In order to increase the air intake, the air intake area was reconstructed and used the more sturdy and more expensive stainless steel air intake plate. The hole opening rate was raised to 46%. At the same time, the material is twice rigid as the aluminum alloy.

Professional display

15.6 narrow frame

The professional HD screen allows you to see more details of the game world. In addition to enjoying the ambitious gaming experience. Use it to showcase your work.

Improved headphone amplifier

Enhanced Dolby panoramic sound

You can hear the plane flying over your head, when the gunfire sounds, and even when the enemy is nearby. This is the magic of Dolby Sound’s “game enhancement”. And it is available on the Mi Gaming Laptop. Xiaomi’s game audio system is also certified by the Japanese Hi-Res Audio. Put on headphones and feel the instant immersion into the world of the game.

4 partitions of colorful backlit keyboard

The special keyboard is a key to a successful game experience.

Different modes of light

  • 1.8mm High Key Process, Hyperbolic Keycap
  • 30-key anti-collision design
  • 5 programmable buttons, professional keyboard layout

Ambiance light like Light Sword

Turn on the light and create the ideal atmosphere for the game.

Convenient interface

Competent to professional job requirements

It can be a mistake if we say that Mi Gaming Laptop can be used only for playing games. You can use it for your work because the model is with various interfaces for work. They arranged in the fuselage which makes them easy to use and plug.

Supports two 4K monitors

Connect the laptop to the two 4K monitors and get more wide working experience. Increase your abilities and boast with your high-productivity.

Choose your perfect one

The model is available in four variations that differ in types of processor and memory.

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